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Welcome to Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices are a set of services that seek to fundamentally change the way in which communities deal with harm. Historically in much of the world, systems focus on harm by seeking to punish offenders after the fact. Little thought (if any) is given to those who have been harmed, and seldom is action taken to prevent and reduce harm in communities before it occurs.

Crossing over disciplines including counseling, criminal justice, education, and more, Restorative Practices change the focus. Harm is viewed in the context of an entire community and the relationships that hold it together. The offender, the victim, their families, friends, neighbors, and others are all considered. All parties, including and especially the offender, are held accountable for repairing harm. Rather than punishment disconnected from the victim, offenders are responsible for finding a way to make victims and communities whole.


With an origin in the practices of indigenous peoples in New Zealand and around the world, Restorative Practices have evolved to meet a wide variety of needs. These services can include Community Circles, Responsive Circles, Family/Group Conferencing, Victim-Offender Conferencing, Youth Court, and more.

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