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Other Restorative Practices Services

The Resolution Center offers a wide variety of Restorative Practices services to our communities. All of our Restorative Practices are evidence-based, with a foundation of research that shows real impact and return on investment.


These services may be fee-for-service, meaning that there is a cost to the participants or their organization. Please Contact Us with any questions, or to obtain a quote.

Mediation Services

Some of our Mediation Services are offered with a Restorative Practices orientation, including:

  • Attendance Mediation

  • Family Team Mediation

  • Special Education Mediation

  • School-Based Onsite Mediation

Each of these relies on highly-trained neutrals to work with schools, parents, students, and others to build mutually acceptable and beneficial solutions.

Law-Related Education Classes

  • Positive Choices. A 90-minute class available in-person or virtually. Covers Brain Function in The Adolescent, Identification of "Good and Bad" Choices, Consequences of Actions, Effects of Drugs & Alcohol on The Brain, and Planning for Success. Also includes an individual evaluation.

  • Theft Deterrence. A 90-minute class available in-person or virtually. Covers Defining Theft, Reasons for Theft, Examination of Victim & Community Impact, and Potential Consequences.

  • Anger Management. A set of six, one-hour sessions available in-person or virtually. Teaches participants to Identify Triggers, Discuss Behaviors, Develop Coping Skills, and Develop Management Techniques.

  • Conflict Coaching. Two, one-hour sessions of one-on-one problem solving. The process uses highly trained practitioners from Suffolk University.

Restorative Justice Circles

  • Community Circles. Intended to build resilience, prevent harm, and strengthen positive bonds within a school or community.

  • Responsive Circles. Designed to respond to harm in a school community. Available for small scale and large scale events. Targeted towards repairing harm, increasing accountability, and rebuilding community relationships.

Community Support Services

  • Community Service. A four-hour class available in-person or virtually. Designed to address Community Service Theory and Community Service with Quality Projects.



The Resolution Center of Jefferson and Lewis Counties is allied with the Family Counseling Center of Northern New York. We are dedicated to providing advocacy for abused and neglected children, conflict resolution to all community members, and juvenile justice options.





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