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Other Restorative Practices Services

The Resolution Center offers a wide variety of Restorative Practices services to our communities. All of our Restorative Practices are evidence-based, with a foundation of research that shows real impact and return on investment.

These services may be fee-for-service, meaning that there is a cost to the participants or their organization. Please Contact Us with any questions, or to obtain a quote.

Group Discussion

Mediation Services

Some of our Mediation Services are offered with a Restorative Practices orientation, including:

  • Attendance Mediation

  • Family Team Mediation

  • Special Education Mediation

  • School-Based Onsite Mediation

Each of these relies on highly-trained neutrals to work with schools, parents, students, and others to build mutually acceptable and beneficial solutions.

Law-Related Education Classes

  • Positive Choices. A 90-minute class available in-person or virtually. Covers Brain Function in The Adolescent, Identification of "Good and Bad" Choices, Consequences of Actions, Effects of Drugs & Alcohol on The Brain, and Planning for Success. Also includes an individual evaluation.

  • Theft Deterrence. A 90-minute class available in-person or virtually. Covers Defining Theft, Reasons for Theft, Examination of Victim & Community Impact, and Potential Consequences.

  • Anger Management. A set of six, one-hour sessions available in-person or virtually. Teaches participants to Identify Triggers, Discuss Behaviors, Develop Coping Skills, and Develop Management Techniques.

  • Conflict Coaching. Two, one-hour sessions of one-on-one problem solving. The process uses highly trained practitioners from Suffolk University.

Restorative Justice Circles

  • Community Circles. Intended to build resilience, prevent harm, and strengthen positive bonds within a school or community.

  • Responsive Circles. Designed to respond to harm in a school community. Available for small scale and large scale events. Targeted towards repairing harm, increasing accountability, and rebuilding community relationships.

Community Support Services

  • Community Service. A four-hour class available in-person or virtually. Designed to address Community Service Theory and Community Service with Quality Projects.

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