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Today the Resolution Center of Jefferson and Lewis Counties, Inc. is a one-stop-shop for a continuum of conflict intervention services.  It encompasses alternative dispute resolution (ex. mediation, restorative practices, arbitration); advocacy for child victims of abuse/neglect to expedite them having safe, forever homes; a peer-led court for youth offenders of misdemeanors and violations to take responsibility and repair harm; supervised visitation for children separated from their parents/families; and licensed mental/behavioral health counseling and psychoeducation services.


1983:  Founded under the auspices of Community Action Planning Council (“CAPC”) as the Community Dispute Resolution Center of Jefferson County and under Lewis County Opportunities as Lewis Mediation Service. 

  • Jefferson County Director:  Carol Lively ('83-'88).  First mediation training was held in August and cases began in September.  

  • Lewis County Director: Richard Pernell.  First mediation training was held in July and cases began in August.  

1987:   Court Appointed Special Advocates (“CASA”) program was added for professional volunteer advocacy of abused and/or neglected children.  


1990:  The agency ended its partnership with CAPC in order to create a standalone agency


February 1991:  The Jefferson-Lewis Mediation Center, Inc. was formed and the Jefferson County office was housed in the Woolworth Building.  


Fall 1991:  CASA also joined the Jefferson-Lewis Mediation Center and was officially named CASA of Jefferson County. 

1997:  Youth Court of Jefferson County was created.


1998:  The agency moved to Empsall Plaza.


2003:  It's name was changed to the Resolution Center of Jefferson and Lewis Counties, Inc. and it moved to 200 Washington Street (Key Bank Building).


Fall 2006:  CASA expanded to Lewis County and its name was changed to CASA of Jefferson and Lewis Counties. 


Summer 2011 The Lewis County office was closed due to a massive Unified Court System funding cut. 


Fall 2016:  The Family Visitation Program was created underneath CASA.  The mediation program participated in the AmeriCorps program and introduced Restorative Justice to the community. 


2019:  The NYS Office of Victims Services child crime victim compensation application service was added to CASA. 


July 2020:  A formal strategic alliance with Family Counseling Service of NNY, Inc. was initiated to create a unique one-stop-shop of conflict intervention services and they moved to the top, sunny🌞 floor at 531 Washington Street, Watertown. 


Dan Campbell, Co-President

Allison Carlos, Co-President

Jamie Ashley, Secretary

Samuel Matt, Treasurer​


Kaleigh Boulio-Alberry

Ashley Lyon

Judy Muñoz

​Doreen Schneckenburger

Andrea Williams Lomber

Richard Young, Founding Member - Emeritus

If you're interested in becoming a Board Member, please email Jen Huttemann-Kall or

call 315-785-0333 x130

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