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Welcome to Conflict Resolution

All services offered through the Conflict Resolution program are confidential, free or low-cost, voluntary and are provided in a safe setting with trained, neutral third parties. Conflict Resolution, also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), includes a variety of processes that help people resolve disputes without going to court. We currently offer the following services, which you can click to learn more:

What Kinds of Conflicts Can Be Considered?

Family / Child / Adult / Senior
·Custody/Visitation (including Violations)
·Child Support (for original orders ONLY)
·Parent/Teen disputes
·Family C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N
·Interpersonal Disputes
·Permanency (children in foster care)
·Splitting up Family Assets
·Senior/Elder Transitions and Care
·Divorce Referral Program

School / Youth (up to 18 years old)
·Attendance, Truancy, Tardiness
·Special Education
·Juvenile Justice Diversion
·Code of Conduct or Discipline
·Re-entry after Suspension
·Violations & Misdemeanors

· Small Claims
· Breach of Contract
· Landlord/Tenant
· Neighbors, Roommates, Tenants
· Workplace Conflict


· Customer, Business, Municipality·

Receivables Collection

· Lemon Law Arbitration
· Agriculture/USDA

Tug of War

Forms and Documents

The Resolution Center uses DocuSign and electronic forms to provide security and maximum convenience to our clients and partners.

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