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Welcome to The Office of Victims Services (OVS)

The New York State Office of Victims Services (OVS) provides guidance and support to the network of Victim Assistance Programs, which includes Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). OVS provides this guidance and support in order to assist children and others who have been the victims of crime in accessing needed services.

By completing a Victim Assistance Application, children and youth may have lifelong access to supportive services. These can include counseling, travel reimbursement, medical care, and other items that are related to having been the victims of abuse or neglect and that cannot be paid for by other sources of coverage.

Holding Hands

Crime Victim Compensation

Children assigned to CASA as the result of an abuse or neglect proceeding in Family Court may be eligible for Victim Compensation.

OVS may be able to help with expenses related to the crime of which they were a victim.

How do I apply for Crime Victims Compensation?

CASA staff and volunteers are here to assist with the filing of Victim Assistance Applications with the New York State Office of Victims Services. While CASA is primarily focused on assisting with the filing of applications for children and youth who have been the victims of abuse or neglect cases in Family Court, as a Victim Assistance Program CASA can assist others with their applications or refer individuals to other VAP organizations in their community who can assist.

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