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Family Visitation

Through the use of a community visitation model we provide separated families with the opportunity to receive enhanced visitation while promoting permanency and normalcy in the lives of children. With the utilization of highly-trained visit supervisors we provide fact-based, observation reports to all attorneys and/or caseworkers involved in the case based on the interactions between the parent and child during the parenting time.

The visits begin in our program office in our home-like setting and progress to community visitation where parents are able to exercise their parenting skills in more realistic settings. FVP provides flexibility for the working parents, we offer extended evening hours and Saturday timeslots are available as well.This program gives non-custodial parents and/or essential family members the chance to have their interactions with their children observed by a neutral third-party through and objective lens.

To Begin Services

1. Client in need of services needs to contact our office
2. The custodial and non-custodial guardians need to complete an in-person intake (over the phone intakes are based on the program coordinators discretion).
3. The client receiving services unless otherwise court ordered will need to pay the non-negotiable $35.00 intake fee and their visit fee which is based off of a sliding-scale, with the minimum being $15.00.

Meet the Coordinator

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Natasha Delaney has always had an interest in working with children and families. Upon graduating high school, she enrolled in Jefferson Community College for Human Services and later transitioned to Early Childhood Education. She has now re-entered the Human Services program through Empire State College and is anticipating graduating with her bachelor’s degree.
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